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Boiler Optimisation Technology - Contract Specification
The aim of Boiler Optimisation is to improve the burning pattern of the boiler such that energy consumed is reduced without affecting the comfort levels of the building.
Every plant-room is different, hence sample monitoring is not sufficient to prove savings where multiple site installations are concerned and it is imperative that every optimised boiler is able to demonstrate the savings it is making.
In order to ensure this is achieved the qualifying criteria for technologies submitted for this contract will include:
Performance Requirements
1) The Savings Performance of the Boiler Optimisation (Management) Unit must have been certified by an independent authority recognised for its’ expertise in buildings and energy consumption. The certification should indicate the savings being made across a range of external temperatures and not just under light load conditions. A copy of the certificate will be included as part of the submission.
2) Once installed the Boiler Optimisation Unit must have a short term test protocol that demonstrates it is working and that it is making savings on each and every installation. Ideally this report will be downloaded from the unit itself and be sufficiently short term for it not to be necessary to make manual adjustments to the figures for variables such as temperature or footfall. It is a requirement of the contract that this information is provided annually for the duration of the warranty period.
3) The Boiler Optimiser must be capable of working on hot water systems operating at temperatures up to 125 Degrees C.
4) 5 year warranty on boiler controls,

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