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Solar Maintenance, Solar Monitoring and Solar Thermography

We provide a maintenance package designed to ensure your solar panels are fully optimised. Solar panel monitoring enables you to remotely investigate individual panels to evaluate productivity and will provide you with real time measurements as well as potential issues. Solar Panel thermal imagery unobtrusively checks for panel defects and degradation.


Onsite Renewables Ltd to carry out a Thermal Image Surveys of the Panels and identify all the areas where heat is excessive, and identify any anomalies with the solar cells.


Quality assurance is of fundamental importance for solar panels. The failure-free operation of the panels is a prerequisite for efficient power generation, long life, and a high return on the investment. To ensure this failure free operation a fast, simple and reliable method to evaluate a solar panel's performance is required, both during the production process and after the panel has been installed.


The use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation offers several advantages.


Anomalies can clearly be seen on a crisp thermal image and - unlike most other methods – thermal cameras can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation


How we will work with you


We can take images either by exception or we could set out a plan of the area of solar Panels and take images and photos of the area, this could then be placed into a report giving a full coverage of the whole area in images and written detail.


We will deliver to you a comprehensive survey report, supported pictorially by both infra-red and digital photographs of your “fault” areas on panels


Solar Panel Maintenance Packages, Monitoring and Solar Thermography from Onsite Renewables

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